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Teraoka S.A. label division has been printing high quality pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels since 1995. Years of experience and knowledge has made us the market leader when it comes to the thermal label market in South Africa. We pride ourselves in our quality and reliability that we supply to all the big, medium and smaller retail food markets.

We are industry pioneers and 2006 we became the only company in the industry that laminates their own pressure sensitive material. Bypassing the middle supplier allows us to pass on savings to the entire market resulting in the very best pricing for our customers.

Teraoka S.A. is the main supplier of Ricoh thermal grade papers to the South African market. Ricoh are the industry leaders in Europe when it comes to thermal paper products. The result is us supplying a high grade thermal product which has a front and back protective barrier, ensuring that our customers receive a quality product that will last under the most stringent conditions from freezers to areas exposed to excessive amounts on UV light and even water.

Not to be tied only to the Thermal market, Teraoka S.A. also supplies high quality full colour promotional labels to high end markets where labels are an intricate part of selling ones product. This is supplied to the meat, chicken and retail industries.

Teraoka’s Label Division also boasts a fully integrated quality management system that faces stringent yearly audits by the BRC. This allows us to trade in food producing factories where high standards of hygiene are required for quality food products.


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