SM-5300SSP (Self-Service) Retail Equipment

The SM-5300SSP is a PC based self-service weigh-labeller offering linerless function with the auto-cutter feature. It comes with an interactive 12.1″ colour display that can present advertisements to drive sales and enhance customer service.  The 12.1″ display makes it easy and convenient to select products, scroll and search. The SM-5300 SSP base is equipped with a cassette thermal printer, which is designed for long-term intensive use. Wide printing possibilities allow printing thermal labels at various lengths with any information (text, graphics, QR code, etc.).

The innovative manufacturability of the PC-base of the scales allows you to organize an electronic queue system, integrate the SM-5300 SSP scales with electronic shelf labels (ESL) and e.Labels and set up a system for remote monitoring of the condition of the scales.


Linerless Labels with Auto-Cutter Weigh Labeller

SM-5300SSP is a PC based self-service weigh-labeller with a built-in auto-cutter feature for linerless labels. The use of linerless labels will reduce wastage and label costs

Without liner film sheet, the number of labels per roll for print will increase significantly and minimises disruptions for operational downtime for changing of label roll.

As the printer is capable of detecting label size automatically, hence only 1 type of label is required.

Watermark Printing

Maximise your brand awareness and make the product labels more attractive by the variable use of creative effects. Take advantage of this watermark printing feature to increase revenue.

ESL and e.Label Electronic Signage

Revision of promotional text, product information and pricing updates can be instantaneously displayed on ESL via the wireless base station. It can reduce pricing errors and labour costs for businesses. The ESL can also be easily deployed within the store.

• Wireless update
• Price integrity and minimises errors
• Easy connection through base station

Equipped with the IP67 rating, e.Label with Hi-Touch is dust and water resistant and compatible for use with DIGI PC scale. Utilising tap sensor technology, Hi-Touch feature allows operators to call up the correct PLU code easily. The highly efficient and responsive system reduces errors and enhances customer service.

Both ESL and e.Label are designed with high contrast ePaper display, ensuring high screen readability for your customers. Complement your marketing campaign by customising ePaper with barcodes, QR codes and NFC for interactions between customers that can be accessed through a smartphone.


Interactive Screen Display

SM-5300SSP is available in 12.1″ WVGA customer display screen that can display customise information.

• Upsell and cross-sell
• Recipes
• Promotions and advertisements


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