Technology-driven concept store featuring the latest SM-6000 scale and ESL.

Mr Rolex, store manager of One North Cold Storage shared that the “sleek, unique and modern outlook of SM-6000” completes the futuristic store concept, the first fully self-checkout store in Singapore.

The interactive customer display screen can play both static advertisements and videos offers an additional avenue to engage with customers when they are waiting to be served at the counters.

Operators can easily highlight the ongoing promotions and upsell to customers via the display screen. He observed that customers prefer cooking videos and the tendency of them returns to spend is much higher than watching static advertisements.

The department manager, Ms Theresa, is one of the primary user for Speed ID on a daily basis. She emphasized the “convenience and speed of logging into scale to update pricing or promotions on e.Labels” is done seamlessly and efficiently on the scale instead of manually updating the price at the back office.

It also acts as a security feature as no unauthorised price updates can be done by her staff.

The introduction of e.Label with hi-touch has also increased operators’ efficiency and is able to complete transactions faster. Mr Rolex expressed that when they can serve the customers in a competent manner, the customer retention and returning customers are higher.

Additionally, Ms Theresa has also highlighted that herself and the team of operators no longer need to memorise item PLU, boosting their work productivity and eliminates common errors such as selecting wrong PLU. The push button design of 1.54″ e.Labels with hi-touch which is placed on counter tops, have proven to be very convenient for operators to call up PLU effortlessly, especially for items that are harder to reach. The mechanical key lights up with every push from the operator to ensure accuracy with PLU call up. The undeniable convenience and updating speed have gained the operators liking and stamp of approval for efficiency.

The e.Labels have altogether replaced paper price tags that always requires manual price updates and longer time to complete price updates.

In line with the self-checkout store concept, customers can now weigh the items independently with the SM-5600 smart camera scale. The team has received many positive feedback from customers regarding the camera scale. They also spotted several customers taking videos of people using the scale with their mobile phones. Mr Rolex mentioned “the high-resolution camera makes weighing (of items) easier and fun for customers” especially for customers who have time constraints.

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