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W-5600 SRX High-speed in-line stretch wrapping system

New Solution Meets New Demand
The W-5600SRX is an ingenious solution to meet the growing demand for high-mix low-volume production output required in today’s food retail.
It is the perfect workhorse not only for meat & poultry factories and central processing facilities, but also for agribusiness entities like fresh fruits and vegetable packers, mushroom producers, etc.

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DIX-3000 SS & DIX-3000 Weighing Indicators

Weighing Indicators The DIX-3000 SS and DIX-3000 are compact Android weighing indicators that can connect with various platform scales. The interfaces available are USB, RS-232C, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

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Industrial Equipment

MW-560 Mobile Weigher!

The MW-560 has been strategically designed for the Retail Industry and fresh produce market environment. We understand the needs of the receiving and dispatch and the MW-560 is the perfect middleman, suited to every Supermarket and Retailer. You now have a mobile weighing scale that is battery operated and when charged overnight will run for […]

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Showcasing our Markdown Solution, Instant MD!

Reduces shrinkage and waste in anticipation of expiration! Teraoka’s mobile markdown solution, instant MD, allows the user to instantly markdown and reprice any product whilst still adhering to the R146 label regulation standards. The markdown scanner connects to the mobile printer wirelessly which allows the user to move freely within the store when marking items […]

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