SSVh Checkweigher

Checkweighing pharmaceutical and industrial products are seamless with the SSV-h series. Equipped with a high speed and high accurate force balance, every product is measured precisely to ensure each package has the required amount of product in it.

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Metal Detection

Adopting a simultaneous 2-frequency magnetization detection method, the dual wave (duw) series can detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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X-Ray Inspection System

Anritsu’s long track record in contaminant detection forms the basis of a unique image processing algorithm to detect both soft contaminants (bones, plastics, etc.) and wire contaminants (fine wires, etc.) at high sensitivity and high stability.

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Anritsu has available different rejection options to fit your requirement. Fast reactions and robustness ensures your rejector product does not go through on your production line

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