Industrial scales are used in an extensive range of professional industries. These industries vary from medical to farming, manufacturing and production fields, to name only a few. The category of industrial scales is far reaching, and includes counting scales, floor scales, digital postal scales and shipping scales, to name only a few.

These scales are considered vital in the correct operations of businesses, and help to achieve greater accuracy. When looking at purchasing industrial scales for sale, you need to look at the projected life expectancy of the scale. This is particularly important with regards to heavy-duty scales that will cost your business a significant investment.

Industrial scales not only relate to the weight of tools, animals, manufacturing equipment and yarn, etc., but also affect the whole manufacturing process. Their impact is felt in the assembly line operations, loading and unloading, in distribution, packaging and logistics, and many other areas of the industrial process. When it comes to getting the final product in the hands of the end consumer, the real essence of weighing comes to the foreground – securing the accurate quantity for the right price.

What to Look for in Industrial Scales for Sale

There are many factors to take into account when selecting the right scale for your business. Since in most instances you would want customisations for your weighing requirements, it is best to choose a scale that offers some flexibility.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the aspects to consider when looking for industrial scales for sale:

• Determine the minimum and maximum capacity of loads that need to be weighed on the scale. This helps to you choose a scale with enough sensitivity for the minimum and durability for heavy weights;

• Determine the margin of error acceptable to you, according to ISO standards, medical associations, regulatory bodies and food inspections;

• Consider the environmental conditions the scale will be exposed to – for example moisture, chemicals, heat, etc. This will determine whether you buy a heat resistant or galvanised scale; and

• Does it need to be a mobile scale or will be it stationary? This is an important consideration, since you will need to make use of an easily manoeuvrable scale that comes with flexible adjustments, should it be relocated from time to time.

Your industrial scale’s qualities should include portability, sturdiness, and easy assembly and operation. These are only a few of the benchmarks of modern and cutting-edge industrial scales for sale that are fit for purpose.

Buy Affordable and Quality Industrial Scales for Sale From Teraoka

At Teraoka, we are the preferred supplier of industrial scales for sale for countless South African businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are also the sole distributor of Teraoka / DIGI Weighing Systems and Anritsu Inspection Systems in Southern Africa. This is just one more reason behind our industry-leading status, and we continue to work hard to produce the solutions that our clients need to face an ever-increasing competitive and volatile economy.

Our company services both the domestic and international sectors through our extensive network of 10 sales and service branches that are strategically placed throughout South Africa, as well as our broad distributor channel. Even though we are headquartered in Johannesburg, we are ideally situated to meet the needs of our local and regional customers. Let us help you find the best industrial scales for sale for your business.

Leading the Industrial Scales Sector Forward in Excellence

Teraoka is supported by a comprehensive support structure, consisting of a 24-hour help desk department that services our clients around the clock. We also have a dedicated Research & Development department that is constantly looking at ways in which to respond to the modern needs and demands facing our clients, and make recommendations of new equipment in response to these needs.

Our company also has a large Label Manufacturing Plant that produces self-adhesive label rolls used on our electronic scale printers and thermal label printers. These are only a few indications of the scale and scope of our operations, and how we succeed in continually staying at the top of our sector. Contact us at Teraoka today to learn more about our extensive selection of high-quality and industry-leading industrial scales for sale.

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