Various Items of Industrial Inspection Equipment for Sale

In the food processing and manufacturing industry, the demand for industrial inspection equipment is growing constantly. The main benefit of such equipment is to provide the manufacturer with the opportunity to present a product to the market that is free from contaminants, which in turn promotes customer confidence. How? Consumers can have greater confidence in the product that they are buying as they are aware it has been thoroughly and professionally inspected.

All legislative and industry imposed standards can easily be met with the use of industrial inspection equipment. In fact, the initial outlay to invest in such equipment is quickly repaid by the success that it can bring to your brand and its sales. When products meet with industry standards, you can expect an increase in returns and a reduction in client complaints, which ultimately means that your business can be more profitable – this is particularly useful for large manufacturers and processing plants.

Teraoka SA has been manufacturing and supplying the South African market with industrial inspection equipment since as early as 1984. We believe in providing our clients with versatile solutions that are cost-effective and absolutely reliable. When providing you with one of our products, we will ensure that you are professionally assisted with the installation, as well as provided with support thereafter. All of our equipment is SABS approved.

What sort of equipment do you need for your business? The nature of your business and the products it produces must be taken into account when choosing items for your company. Below are some items of industrial inspection equipment that you might need for your business:

  • X-Ray Inspection Systems – these machines are able to detect even the slightest contamination of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and stainless steels in products on the production line. This system can detect contamination of bones, plastics and wire.
  • Metal Detection – these systems are designed to detect metal contamination, regardless of how slight, and eliminate it. These machines can ensure that your products are safe from contamination of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You will find these detectors to be easy to use and maintain.
  • Checkweighers – these machines are required for quality control purposes. With accurate weight checking, you can be sure that your business is not losing potential profits by giving away extra products. The machines ensure that each product package is quickly and accurately filled to the exact required weight. This also ensures that you do not have to deal with customer complaints due to products being missing.
  • Rejectors – these machines are designed to ensure that any products that are damaged or rejected are not able to complete the production line process. All rejected products are sorted and removed from the production line with ease.

You might need one or more of these items of industrial inspection equipment within your business. We encourage you to take the time to browse through our online product listing and to make any enquiries that you might need to along the way. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will ensure that you are provided with a wealth of product knowledge.

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