AW-5600CPR Retail Equipment

Create space-efficient production lines with this all-in-one integrated in-line weigh-wrap-label system.

In addition to maintaining a high maximum packaging speed, performance improvements to AW-5600CPR have pushed its average wrapping speed well beyond that of previous models.

The combination of tray presser and enhanced heater conveyor ensures a tight film seal and a beautiful finish for the packaged product.

Space-efficient production lines

AW-5600CPR’s remarkably compact 0.73 m2 footprint (excluding conveyor) helps you design an inline weighing and wrapping operation with maximum space efficiency.

Easy operation

AW-5600CPR’s user interface allows quick response to store needs. With fewer screens to tap through, creating and printing labels is quick and simple, even for first-time users. Operators can preview labels on the 12.1” full-color display and print only what they need.

Quick film loading and easy clean-up

A new quick film loading mechanism lets you change film sizes with minimal downtime.

Easy access to the detachable elevator head helps take the effort out of daily cleaning.

Variable length label printing using auto-sizing and auto-cutting

Linerless labels automatically adjust the label size to the content, using a continuous roll of adhesive label material. This means you can print a different-sized label for each product, and longer labels are simple to print. DIGI’s auto-cutting feature assures that the label has a clean, smooth edge.


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