DC-400 Retail Equipment

This counting scale is capable of dealing with a wide variety of items, both large and small, through the skillful control of two sensors. Beginning with paper products (such as flyers), steel, plastic, and wrapping materials, it can count almost anything that you would want to count. After your items are counted, an internal printer prints out labels that can be used as inventory labels when attached to the counted items.


  • 202 x 32 pixels FSTN type LCD with white back-light
  • Tare Weight: 4 digits
  • Weight: 5 digits
  • Unit Price: 6 digits
  • Total Price: 7 digits
  • Second line display: 25 characters


  • Thermal print with auto cutter
  • Max printing width: 60mm
  • Paper width: 62mm (receipt) / 60mm (label)
  • Printing speed: Maximum 110mm / sec
  • Life span: 100 million pulses, 100km or more

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