ESL (Electronic Shelf Labeling) Retail Equipment

DIGI’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) product is compatible with various products and solutions.

Each Radio Frequency (RF) station has a wide coverage area, allowing the digitally coded signal to establish a two-way communication with the tags. The tags acknowledge each update ensuring correct information and feedback.

ESL system ensures that price amendments are prompt and accurate. Its high contrast display makes viewing at various distances and angles easily.



Simple and Lean Infrastructure with Enhanced Productivity

With the simple and extensive coverage of 700sqm, our RF station provides flexibility deployment of tags in-store.

Accurate and prompt updates of ESL tags can be transmitted efficiently via the wireless system. It reduces paper based labelling that requires manual changing.

Enjoy flexible pricing strategy with a selection of symbols, shapes, currency signs to further enhance the effectiveness of the segment based tag.


Wide Operating Temperature Range and Low Energy Consumption

Available in the freezer and non-freezer type, our price tags can be used in both sub-zero to positive temperature coefficient (-25°C to 40°C).

As energy is only consumed whenever required, the low energy consuming electronic tags are can last up to 5 years.



Bi-Directional Communication

Every tag updates are acknowledged by individual electronic tag and feedback reports can be sent via emails.



High Definition ePaper Display

Provides high contrast and low reflection that offers high screen resolution communications with your customers.

Complement your marketing campaign by customising ePaper with barcodes, QR codes and NFC for interactions between customers that can be accessed through a smartphone.



Colour LED Indicator for Promo Flash or Picking

Maximise these tags for promotion and brand engagement through the flash indicator. It helps to draw shoppers attention to specific product or promotions to encourage spending.


  • Simple lean infrastructure
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Freezer and non-freezer type available
  • Low energy consumption
  • LED promo flash
  • Built-in NFC support
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