SPK-3000 Industrial Equipment

For Total Cost Saving and Accurate Data Collection in Logistics Applications.

Designed to measure the weight and dimensions of non-cuboid items as well, suitable for distribution center, courier companies, warehouse and other freight industry.

  • High Speed and Accurate Weighing and Dimensioning
  • Max Conveyor Speed : 70m/min.
  • Capacity of Measurement : Max 3,500 objects/hour (if the item length is 50cm)
  • Large Color Touch Panel
  • 8” Color TFT Display guides the operator to perform simple, smooth and efficient operation.
  • Self-diagnostic function is supported through this touch panel display.
  • Angle Correction Function: Even items slantingly fed onto the conveyor, the dimensions of each item is measured accurately with “Auto Angle Correction Logic” newly developed by DIGI.

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