WI-700 Industrial Equipment

The WI-700 is designed for wider products or carton boxes at up to 70ppm. Ideal for production lines needing a wide conveyor, dynamic weigh price labeling system. This PC based machine allows easy integration with existing machines and networking and comes with color touch screen and quick release conveyors.

Wide conveyors

The conveyor width of the WI-700 allows packs up to 350mm wide to be processed. Single top high speed labeler and dynamic weighing for up to 70 packs per minute.





High speed labeler

The high speed labeler gives fast application, large label roll diameter and 300dpi thermal print head.

WI-700 operation system

The DIGI-700 series uses an industrial PC utilising embedded software on a Windows® operating system. This offers a flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring.

Additional printer

Printers such as the DIGI TP-700 & LP-800 or other Industrial  printers that support TCP/IP communication are easily connected to the WI-700 for versatile total label printing.


  • Industrial PC Based system
  • Machine options: WI-700 Single, WI-700 Top & Bottom, WIL-700 Long Infeed & Scale
  • Additional infeed/outfeed kit to handle larger packs and obtain greater pack spacing
  • A range of adjustable pack guides, including rod, scissor and blue polymer available
  • Available with a bolt-in drop-flat reject conveyor to support checkweighing

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