WIW-700 Industrial Equipment

The WIW-700 is a high capacity dynamic weigh price labeling machine. The powerful drum motor conveyors can carry large loads up to 60kg with a typical crate/tray size of 600mm long x 400mm wide. This PC based machine allows easy integration with existing machines and networking and comes with color touch screen for easy programming and plu selection.

Large crate capacity

The powerful drum conveyor motors will transport products up to 60kg and with the large size deck a crate of up to 600mm long x 600mm wide can be weighed and labeled.

Wide sensors

The extra wide sensor positioning ensure the widest of products pass through the machine correctly.

WIW-700 operation system

The DIGI-700 series uses an industrial PC utilising embedded software on a Windows® operating system. This offers a flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring.


Adjustable screen position

The WIW-700 has the color touch screen mounted on a multi position swivel assembly. This allow the operator easy access to the screen without being restricted by the large conveyors.


  • Full colour display and touch screen
  • Clear and concise operation display
  • Multi-lingual encoding
  • Built-in label designer
  • Remote system control
  • High speed, automatic print and apply labeller
  • Optional infeed conveyor
  • Power to transfer heavy boxes and trays up to 60kg

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